Partners of Sex Addicts
Is your spouse or partner addicted to pornography or sex? It is possible to save your marriage, if that is what both of you want. The key to successfully saving a marriage after sex addiction is to live in recovery – for both of you to participate in a counseling program and commit to building a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

Recovery begins by working with an experienced therapist who not only understands sex addiction, but also understands and can help with the impact addiction has on the partner of the sex addict.

As the partner of a sex addict, you likely feel betrayed. Your self-esteem suffers and your security is shattered. Not only is your marriage damaged, your sense of self is altered. It is just as important you receive individual counseling as it is to attend marriage counseling.

If you are the partner of a sex addict, the road ahead to repair your marriage is a challenging one but one that is worth taking. There is hope and recovery is possible!

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2-Day Intensives
2-Day Intensives are an opportunity to spend two full days focusing entirely on your relationship with your partner. The goal is to heal the damage that has been done in the relationship and put time into transforming it into a deeper and more meaningful commitment.

Though 2-Day Intensives are not a cure for relationships problems and for most couples, ongoing counseling or therapy is still needed, these programs can be a starting point for recovery and a way to breakthrough emotional barriers that are holding your relationship at a standstill.

There are no guarantees that a 2-Day Intensive will fix anything, but they are a great place to begin if both you and your partner are willing to do the hard work it takes to get a relationship back on track. They are a wonderful starting point and provide an opportunity for you to both truly begin to understand how challenging and rewarding it can be to repair a broken relationship.

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Relationship Issues and Marriage Counseling
Marriage counseling is one of the best tools available to help couples recover from relationship issues.

Are you and your spouse or partner facing problems related to:

  • Infidelity…
  • Pornography or sex addiction…
  • Lack of emotional or physical intimacy…
  • Addictions in the family…
  • Communication…
  • Sex…
  • In-law issues…
  • Loss in the family?

Marriage counseling can help you deal with these issues and build a stronger bond, so future problems are easier to overcome.

Every marriage has challenges, but sometimes those challenges are too much for two people to handle.  Couples therapists prioritize the needs of your relationship when sorting through the issue at hand.  This is much different than individual counseling, which is why both are sometimes needed when a relationship is in crisis.  Counseling helps you do something different and gives you a new perspective on saving your marriage.

Are you struggling with your marriage and ready to meet the challenges head on?  Argie Spuck can help.  To learn more or to schedule a appointment, contact Argie at 954.822.9793.

Love Addiction and Love Avoidance
Love addiction can sound positive, especially at the beginning of a relationship, but it can actually be quite damaging – just the same as love avoidance.

Love addicts have unmet emotional needs and they seek out relationship targets to meet those needs – often targets that also suffer from challenges and practice love avoidance. Together they create a dysfunctional cycle that hurts everyone involved. The more the love addict pushes the more distance his or her partner creates between the two.

It is possible to break the cycle and both recovered love addicts and those who are love avoidant can have healthy relationships. Both are dealing with emotional challenges – fear of intimacy, fear of abandonment – that have deeper roots than the immediate relationship.

Often love addicts have a history of seeking the same type of partner – one who is love avoidant – and the pattern repeats over and over.

Are you or your partner love avoidant or do either of you display symptoms of being love addicts? Are you single and tired of being hurt time and again by the same type of partner? Argie Spuck can help.

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Traumas come big and small, and no matter how significant a trauma seems to the outside world, it can have an immense impact on a relationship. Certain life events change a person’s perception, which can also cause changes in his or her relationships. Fortunately, that does not need to mean the end of the relationship and many couples come out on the other side of traumatic events stronger and more committed than ever before.

Big traumas are impactful life events that often lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These events tend to be life-altering and bring things to a screeching halt, at least for a short time.

Smaller traumas tend to build. Some are barely noticeable initially, but over time you feel the effects. Occasionally these are bigger events that involve abuse or neglect.

Relational trauma has a direct effect on a relationship. Often, our perceptions are clouded by past events and our minds and bodies perform a certain way because of traumas, big and small.

If you have suffered in any way and it is affecting your relationship, Argie Spuck can help.

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EMDR is short for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  It is a therapy method used to help people recover from a variety of traumatic events.  It allows the body to heal itself by tapping into both the creative and analytical sides of the brain, allowing them to communicate more effectively.  This is done through bilateral stimulation, which is somewhat like rocking back and forth between the right and left hemispheres to release negative emotion that is attached to an unresolved trauma.

EMDR is effective for resolving a number of issues brought on by trauma, including:

  • Rape trauma
  • Crime victimization
  • Natural disaster experiences
  • Car accidents
  • Repetitive trauma in a relationship
  • Marriage betrayal
  • Abandonment issues
  • Recovery after divorce
  • Violence in a relationship

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